Lib Dem-dominated Cheltenham Borough Council has launched another attack on one of Cheltenham’s most iconic attractions – this time setting their sights on Sandford Parks Lido.

Just weeks after their proposal to introduce parking charges at Pittville Pump Room – which has seen over 1,500 people sign a petition against the plans - they are now telling Sandford Parks Lido to hike their parking charges.

In a report launched by the Trustees of the Lido, they claim Cheltenham Borough Council are “now expecting a substantial annual rent from the charity as well as a share of our income from season tickets sales and the car park income.”  And “It has been suggested to us that we can increase parking charges in order to maximise our income.”

This is a major blow for residents and is another example of Cheltenham Borough Council treating our town’s most precious assets as a “cash cow”. Rightly, the Trustees of Sandford Parks are “sensitive” about the price of the car park and do not wish to increase the charges.  The trustees believe that the current CBC proposals are unsustainable for the long-term viability of the Lido.  The Trustees have called on members of the public to "support the position the Trust are taking on this important issue".

We are in full support of the Lido and want to see it remain as accessible to as many people as possible.

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