Idsall Car Park Petition

The Lib-Dem led Borough Council is planning to sell Idsall Car Park despite the essential access it provides residents to Prestbury’s high street.

Since 2020, the future of the Idsall Drive Car Park has been up in the air. The Lib Dem led Borough Council put the Car Park on sale and made it clear they would be willing to accept offers from property developers.

Since then, after a public outcry and a campaign run by County Councillor Stephan Fifeld, the Parish Council has been in negotiations with the Borough Council to buy the car park. But despite these negotiations no agreement has been made as of yet as the Borough Council's term has been too expensive for the Parish. The future of the car park is now massively in doubt.

It's my view that the Borough Council made it clear that they will never sell the car park to a property developer, or to change its use. It's crucial for the highstreet that the car park is kept to allow local residents and visitors to access local shops and the church.

Prestbury needs to come together and send a clear message. That's why I'm starting a new petition to call on the Borough Council that it will not sell the car park to a property developer and ensure that there is a long term solution to keep the car park, either selling to the Parish or keeping it as a Borough Council asset.

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