Light Up Sandford Park

Conservative Campaigners in Cheltenham have been told by local residents that they would like lighting in Sandford Park, much like that in other parks across the town. 


They have therefore created a petition in order to ask the council to install lighting. Please do sign below!


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To Cheltenham Borough Council and specifically to the cabinet member for Safety and Communities,

We the people of Cheltenham would like to use Sandford Park safely both day and night, we therefore politely ask the council to place in this park lighting, as seen in other parks in Cheltenham. Our justification for this comes in the form of two different studies;
Kate A Painter PhD and David P Farrington PhD both of the institute of Criminology at Cambridge University revealed the findings of their Street Lighting observations in 2001 which shows a 41% and 43% decrease in crime in their respective experimental areas (Dudley and Stoke on Trent on this occasion) as well as a notable decrease in crime in surrounding areas. The financial savings (from reduced crime) exceeded the financial costs by up to ten times within 1 year.
As well as their findings, the College of Policing report on street lighting (Feb 2015) shows a notable decrease in crime of an average of 21% when an area is well lit.

We would like Sandford Park to be provided with lighting throughout, on both sides of College Road and from Bath Road to Keynsham Road. The evidence provided shows that not only is it possible to reduce crime in this area but also the effect of doing so would be financially beneficial

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