Conservative campaigner for Pittville, Stephan Fifield's 1500-signature petition to stop the introduction of parking charges at the Pump Room and Albemarle Gate has forced the Borough Council to debate the proposal formally.

At the 9th December Council Meeting, Stephan, the Conservative candidate standing against Cllr Dennis Parsons at the Borough Council election, will tell the Council why the introduction of parking charges is a bad idea for Pittville’s residents.

  • It will hit access for residents who need cars to get to the park, such as the disabled, elderly, young families and visitors
  • It will hit people in their pockets when Council Tax is already rising under the council’s plans and incur even more costs to enforce payments
  • It will hit those who need the park for its mental and health benefits
  • It won't stop long term parkers who will now use street parking used by residents.

The Council Meeting will be open to the public, so if you are concerned about how the new parking charges will affect you, then your support will be much appreciated on the day.

You can still sign the petition and add your voice at 

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